Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mysterious ways

It was three days before Christmas. His date was scheduled for 8pm. He reached at 7:50 and for the next one and a half hours he kept looking at the glass door, every 3 minutes, hoping to see Cathy walk in looking just as beautiful as she did a week back when he had first met her. All this while he kept thinking how difficult it had been for him to ask her out on a date and how happy he was when she had said yes. It was not until he finished gulping down 11 glasses of water that he gave up hopes on her showing up.

Just when he was about to leave, he heard a voice say “Hi”. He looked up to see an incredibly gorgeous woman standing before him. For the next few seconds he was lost in her deep blue eyes and so he did not listen to what she said next. She had asked if she could sit on the chair opposite him. By the time he regained his senses she had taken her seat in front of him.

“I’m Sarah. Now .. I know this might sound strange but when I saw you here tonight I just had to come up to you and tell you this. I don’t know who you are but.. umm..”
She opened her purse and took a sheet of paper out. She handed it over to him and he finally took his eyes off her to place them on a portrait.

He was shocked to see that it was his portrait. In all the amazement all he could say was “Where did you… how do you.. aa..” and after a long pause “Have we met before?”

“Not while I was conscious. But I dream about you.. every other night. I know this sounds crazy but I drew that because I kept seeing you in this dream i keep having. I am watering the plants in the backyard of this beautiful house and I call out to you saying “Mark, come out… I wanna show you something.. come quick” and then you come running out of the back door and….”
He interrupted her saying “how the hell do you know my name??”
“That’s your real name??? Whoa !! I can’t believe this.. I mean I used to wonder why I keep having this dream but I dint think you existed.. but.. you’re for real.”

Although he was startled by whatever was happening, he couldn’t help admire her beauty.
Deep down he was thanking Cathy for not showing up because she was at least ten time prettier than her. It was almost as if his dream had come true and not hers.

She continued to explain her dream “I go to pick up the morning newspaper and the mail. An envelope reads ‘Mark Thompson,17/7 Wonder valley'
With raised eyebrows he replied “That’s where I live!”

“This is just too spooky. I have never even been to Wonder valley! Look I don’t know why this is happening and I don’t believe in past lives and all but this has to mean something.. don’t you think so? Don’t you feel a connection??”

Feeling as if he were on top of the world he said “I do”

Over dinner they discussed a lot of things like where both of them were brought up and what they were doing in life. He couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift. He kept losing himself in her pretty blue eyes and just couldn’t help flirting occasionally.

After a lovely meal, while they were waiting for the waiter to get the change, he gathered all his courage and said “Well, a very strange first meeting.. but I’d love to have a second one. May I have your phone number?”

“This isn’t something usual, so lets not go the usual way. Fate bought us together once and I’m sure, if we are to meet again, it will happen.” saying that she left.

He picked up his change and was about to leave when he noticed that she had left her purse behind. He quickly grabbed it and turned towards the door only to notice that she had left. He looked at the purse, smiled and thought to himself 'fate'.

He opened the purse and found a wallet and a piece of paper in it. He took the wallet out and was shocked to notice that it was his. He recalled that he had lost it two weeks ago, on the local train, on his way to work. He opened it to find his driver’s license, all his credit cards and the exact amount of money it had when he had last seen it. Puzzled, he took out the paper, unfolded it and started to read….

I found your wallet two weeks ago on the station. I got your address from your license and had come to your house to return it. But no one answered the door.
I got stood up too tonight but when I saw you sitting on a near by table I decided to have a little fun. I drew a portrait of yours from the picture on your license and made up the story. It was just meant as a joke.


He chuckled.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A friend, indeed...

She bears my pain, my sorrow, my every little trouble… she shows up every time I'm lonely.. she seems to keep an eye on me cause she knows just when i need her the most!

She consoles me, comforts me and just tells me that its all going to be fine.. there are times when you already know that the problem in front of you has no solution.. all you can do is give it time and expect things to get back to normal… that is when you need someone just to tell you that they will… to tell you that everything will be as good as it was..
that one word of consolation can do wonders at a tender moment.. she plays this trick with utmost ease!

She seems to lift me up like a feather, when I'm feeling heavy with what seems like the world's burden on my shoulders. She manages to drain guilt out of me in no time.When I feel like it's the end, she convinces me not to give up. It's almost as if I look at life differently by the time she's gone!

To think that she doesn't visit me during my happy hours.. wouldn't one wish to share their happiness with someone so dear to them?

She's tiny and sits at the corner of my eye..